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Mouth Watering Flavor
Soft Serve Done Right!

Here, you're getting all the classic forms of ice cream to treat your sweet tooth right. Our specialty is in soft serve ice cream in chocolate, vanilla, and twist. 

The Process

Service With A Smile

There is a minimum of 50.00 booking fee for events in the Central Florida area.  Any location that is farther than 25 miles from the Orlando International Airport please contact for service fee pricing. The service fee covers the cost to get the truck to and from you (fuel, mileage, tolls, travel time, etc...)


The ice cream is priced at regular menu prices.  We will keep a tally of all items ordered and you will receive a bill at the end of service.  All sales tax is included in the menu price.


There are a few options for service.  We can feed and go, which means that we show up to serve everyone and move on to the next event.  We can also set up and stay for a set amount of time.  For this option, there is a minimum sales charge of 150.00 per hour.  If your sales do not

reach the minimum you will be charged for the difference.

get served
We're perfect for your event!

J's Cone Zone is perfect for birthday parties, school functions, weddings, corperate events, family functions, neighborhood parties, client appreciation events, sporting events, and so much more!

J's ConeZoneOrlando Truck
We Love Our Customers

J's Cone Zone is Florida's favorite ice cream truck by a mile. That's because we are serving smiles for miles, putting the most celebrated frozen treats on board. Because we all scream for ice cream, and no one knows that more than J's Cone Zone.

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