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About Us

We just love ice cream!

J's Cone Zone is Florida's favorite ice cream truck by a mile. That's because we are serving smiles for miles, putting the most celebrated frozen treats on board. Because we all scream for ice cream, and no one knows that more than J's Cone Zone.

Here, you're getting all the classic forms of ice cream to treat your sweet tooth right. Our specialty is in soft-serve ice cream in chocolate, vanilla, and twist. From there, you can get it swirled into a cone or as the base for a totally customizable sundae to amp up that
sweetness level. Want to sip your way to satisfaction? Give J's Cone Zone shakes a try. Oh, and did we mention we've also got all those packaged novelties you enjoyed as a kid? If not, well, now you know and you have all the more reason to track down J's Cone Zone in Orlando and beyond. Or have us bring it all to your next ice cream social. Either way, this cool ice cream truck won't disappoint.


J's Cone Zone Truck
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